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2022 A Year to Get Excited About

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2022! Starting a new year can be so exciting. You get a fresh start as “do-over” if you want to think of it that way. Are you a person that enjoys a fresh start? I remember being excited on the first day of school as a young child. I had new clothes, I had new tablets, I had new pencils, a new teacher, new books, and a new teacher at school. There were so many new possibilities and opportunities in front of me. There were no black marks that indicated errors or mistakes. The year was a clean sheet of paper to “write” my story on.

I hope you can find that same feeling for the start of this new year. We all have so many things that we want to accomplish as 2022 starts. It is fun to think about these things and to visualize how it would feel to be successful in our endeavors for 2022. I want to share with you that I have the same excitement and feeling for starting this year at my office. I want you to see the goals that I have for the office.

My primary goal for 2022 is to help as many people as I can reach a healthier lifestyle, so they have a happier and more fulfilling life. I envision getting this message out to my patients as they come to my office for care, but also on my social media platforms as well. I have learned to love social media and the internet because my message can impact so many people. That is why one of my goals this year is to provide as much helpful, useful health content as I possibly can. I want people to be able to have me as a “go to” source for health news that they can use.

It is for that reason that I will be making a much larger effort to provide my health content on different social media platforms. I hope you can check us out on Face Book where I post inspirational content as well as my health topic videos. I realize that in today’s busy world, many times a short bullet pointed video can deliver the message in a manner that is faster and easier to consume. That’s why I would love to see you like and follow me on Face Book Reels, Instagram, and Instagram Stories. I also will be posting on Instagram with helpful video shorts, inspirational quotes, as well as health related information that can be consumed quickly and easily. If you miss a video on Face Book or cannot find information on video that you think might help, be sure to subscribe to my You Tube channel to find short informational videos that might help you.

I am also making my appointment calendar available to everyone online. This way you can make appointments right on my appointment book. You will not need to call Patti or me to schedule that appointment. I have also provided the ability for new patients to access our paperwork from my website and my office will send emails to those and other links so that you can cut back on the amount of time spend in my office completing all those forms. I want to help you make the process of coming to the office as easy and time efficient as possible.

As we start toward what we all hope will be a much better year, I want to ask a very special favor of you. I want to get my message of health news that you can use to as many people as possible in 2022. I want people to have the experience and the benefit of chiropractic care in their lives. It does not matter if that care is delivered by me at my office or by any other chiropractor at their office. My goal is helping people have a healthier 2022. With that in mind, I would ask that you please like, follow, share, and subscribed to my various social media platforms. I would also like to ask you to ask questions in the comment sections or maybe even provide criticisms if you feel so inclined. If you have a topic that you would like me to address on any platform you can email me from this webpage or message me from Face Book. I want to provide you with health information that you can use and what I find interesting may not be what you are looking for.

The new year 2022 has plenty to be excited about and I am so thrilled to bring you all I have described and more! Be sure to keep your eye on us!

Happy New Year!!!

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