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Speed up the healing process

Over the past few weeks, I have been attempting to provide the reasoning behind those unexplainable injuries. In my years of experience as a chiropractor I have seen literally thousands and thousands of patients come to my office that are completely baffled as to how an injury that is causing them so much pain could have occurred. Invariably, they will tell me that they performed some minor tasks that they routinely do every day, and that this time they ended up with incredible amounts of pain. There is a reason behind these situations, and they usually are so simple that we tend to overlook the causes as well as the solutions.

In the first blog of this series, I talked about stress and how stress can result in damaged organs, diseases, and weakened structural tissues. Here are a few of the main points of that blog. Be sure to go back and review that article for a deeper dive look at these points.

· Stress is everywhere in our lives, and we have learned to accept it.

· The body has one reaction to stress, not matter what that stress is.

· The body’s reactions to stress weakens tissues and allows for damage to occur easily

In the second blog in this series, I pointed out the body’s response to tissue injury is always inflammation. Be sure and look at that blog to why we need to understand that inflammation is necessary. Here are some of the points that were made.

· Why inflammation is necessary after an injury.

· Why inflammation must be controlled.

· The negative effects of anti-inflammatory medications.

· The reason this leads to a cycle of injury, pain, pain relief, and re-injury.

The third blog in this series refers to how chiropractic deals with these types of problems. This blog lays out how we treat these types of problems. If you want to learn more about the treatments offered in my office, be sure not to miss that blog. You will learn about

· The importance of a deep health history.

· Why a thorough examination is so valuable.

· Why we need to cause inflammation in the course of treating these injuries.

· The importance of continued maintenance care.

In this final blog in this series, I want to give you three tips to help speed up the healing/recovery process. Current medical literature tells us that in healthy patients that have no underlying conditions, a musculoskeletal injury will take between six to eight weeks for a complete heal. Most of us do not like the idea of taking that much time to reach that goal. The tips I am going to share will help reduce that time frame by 40, 50, maybe even 60 percent!

Tip number one is avoid eating foods that cause inflammation. These foods are all processed foods. The three main processed foods to avoid are often called the Devil’s Triad by nutritionists. The Devil’s Triad consists of processed sugar, processed cooking oils, and processed grains. You need to avoid eating foods that contain large amounts of table sugar, processed cooking oils (this includes olive oils), and flour products.

Tip number two is increasing the amount of water you consume. Water will help flush away the debris from internal injuries as well as the waste product debris from the repair process. Debris of this type will remain at the injury site and begin to decompose. The decomposition will increase inflammation and irritation of the nerve endings in that area.

Tip number three is supplementing your diet with a well-rounded heavier dose multi vitamin. All too often I see people that consume expensive amounts of vitamins and herbs with the idea of disease prevention. In theory this is a justifiable position to take, but it is an expensive and often wasteful exercise. If we are eating a healthy diet, avoiding stresses, and avoiding the Devil’s Triad we really don’t need to go overboard on the preventative side of the supplements.

I recommend to my patients a product by the Reliv company called Now. This is a simple powdered multivitamin that is relatively high in potency. The powder is vanilla flavored and mixes well with water, juices, or in health shakes. One scoop per day and you are good to go. The product even comes with a money back guarantee.

In closing, if you wish to see more on chiropractic and health care, please be sure to check out our FB page (@kirkweberchiropractor) or our You Tube channel kirkweberchiropractor for more information.

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