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Why should I choose chiropractic care?

Statistically speaking, fewer than 10 percent of the population of the United States utilizes chiropractic care. Over the past two years the amount of attention and focus on health care has risen exponentially. What do these two seemingly unrelated facts have in common? In a series of blogs for the month of February, I will delve into this topic.

My reason for exploring this subject matter has been stimulated not only by my experience as a chiropractor, but also from the perspective of a patient that has had medical emergencies of my own over the past few years. My experiences have given me a different perspective as I have now experienced health care as a patient as well as a provider. My background as a chiropractor and the conservative care I provide, in my opinion, has become more important now than ever. I want to share with you why I feel this way.

I can honestly tell you, that as a patient with a medical emergency, there are three major questions on your mind. They occur in a ranking order (from most important to least important), they are:

1. Can you help me?

2. How fast can you help me?

3. How much is this going to cost me?

This is the way the questions occurred to me on both of my entries into medical emergency situations. I am convinced that because the exact same questions arose in my mind in the exact same order each time, they must be present in everyone’s mind.

We have also been exposed to a worldwide pandemic since 2019. It has become all too clear to everyone that the combined medical community does not operate on the same page in these situations. It is evident that the fundamentals of knowledge of how diseases are transmitted as well as how our bodies respond to these situations is woefully inadequate in the medical community. The general population looks to the allied health care providers for answers in times of crisis. When conflicting messages are transmitted, the result is the chaos that has been present since January 2020.

If the medical community is, and obviously has been, confused about something so big as a pandemic, what else could they be mistaken about? Other questions come that come to mind, as we think about the confusion that has been the past two years, are topics that center around trust. Can we trust the pharmaceutical companies? Do they have our best interest at heart? Other questions come to mind as well, like how does my immune system fit into this equation? Can I strengthen my immune system? Can I prevent disease without medication?

Finally, we come to the question that inevitably pops up if you have been inserted into the medical system. How am I going to afford this? This type of thinking generates other questions. Questions like how could this have been prevented? If this could have been prevented by my action, is the cost of prevention cheaper than the cost of the medical cure?

These are the important questions I want to explore with you through the month of February. Some of the topics might be hot bed issues for you. My intention is not to provoke anger or upset, but more to stimulate thought and conversation. For full transparency, I will also be trying to show how as a chiropractor, I treat patients as well as what all chiropractic can do for patients. I believe that a deeper understanding of what chiropractic does and can do needs to be part of your decision-making process.

I would invite you to respond, comment, or offer you opinions to these blogs as well as invite you to observe my videos on Facebook. I will be paralleling this topic with videos that will touch on these questions while offering you a peek at some of how chiropractic can help from my office.

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