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Services Provided

Electrical Stimulation

E-Stim is used for pain control, swelling, improving circulation and repairing tissue. Each treatment takes approximately 20 minutes, and may require 4 to 5 treatments to be effective.

Chiropractic Adjustment

We utilize spinal adjusting, flexion-distraction manipulation, SOT adjusting, as well as gentle manipulation.


Ultrasound is used to generate heat, improve circulation, mobilize fluids (swelling and bruises) and to reduce muscle spasms. Each treatment takes 15 minutes and may require 4 to 5 treatments.

In Office Exercise

We demonstrate exercises for you to utilize at home, as well as monitor your exercises in office. We make use of therabands and other dynamic equipment.

Manual Therapy

This type of therapy is for immediate pain relief, muscle relaxation, soft tissue repair and strengthening of tissues for improved function.

Nutritional Advice

Tired of having an inflamed gut, sore muscles, fatigue, and poor health? Ask us what we can do to change that with nutrition.


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