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When I was a younger man, one of my favorite musical artists was David Bowie.  David and Bing Crosby performed my most favorite rendition of the Little Drummer Boy ever on a Bing Crosby Christmas special on TV.  Bowie was what my parents considered weird as far as his appearance and lifestyle went.  I can possibly see that more as a 68-year-old man today than I could as a teenager.  (What would our parents think of some of the musicians today?)  My point was, though, that Bowie had another song titled “Changes”.  His advice in the song was for us to turn and face the changes.  His advice was for us to face our fears. (click the link below the picture to hear the song)

Change is inevitable, change is feared, and change is reviled.  The thing is that change can also be good, change can be anticipated, and change can be appreciated.  In spite of all of this, change is our constant companion through life.  Well, my friends, change is now happening at Weber Chiropractic! 

          Change has happened many times over the years for my office.  I started my practice in West Kittanning in the old 7-Up bottling plant across from the Ringgold trucking business in the early 1980’s.  I was there only a short time before I got married and in an effort to save money, I moved the office to where we were living in Worthington.  I am sure many of you remember my old office in that small garage.  I had two treatment rooms, a therapy room, a business office, a waiting room, and a bathroom all in 500 square feet!  I think the rooms were so small that when a treatment room door closed the doorknob might have been on the treatment table with the patients!


We changed again by moving in the early 1990’s to our present location in Fenelton.  That change was like moving from a closet to a mansion.  We have been  at this location for 30 years.  I know this because my son Patric was born the November of the year I moved into that location.

          I have so many great memories of treating patients in all three of those locations.  I have been blessed to have had such wonderful patients over all these years.  It is almost beyond my comprehension that the name Weber has been associated with chiropractic in our community since 1955!  Wow!  Sixty-nine years!

Kittanning when Dad came to the area.

          Well, my friends, more changes are about to start.  My son, Patric, has graduated and has come home to start work in our office.  One of the changes that he and I are making is to expand our hours of service.  Patric and I agree that our primary focus must be how to best serve our patients.  We feel that convenience for our patients will go a long way to communicate our commitment to the community.  Our new hours, starting immediately are as follows:

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