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Why would you choose Weber Chiropractic?

Over the past couple of blogs and podcasts, I have been talking about how chiropractic has changed over my career. Chiropractic may have changed, but so has health care on a whole. I believe that health care still has a long way to go to be what we need it to be to serve us all to the best of its ability. That is a topic for another day and maybe a different platform. The important thing is that as a consumer (patient) you get the best quality service, best value service, and get that all in the most efficient way possible.

Value has a financial overtone, and in today’s world we had better be paying close attention to value. When we talk about value as consumers we tend to think in terms of volume. How much product or service will I get? We must remember that value also needs to answer the question of serving a need. This question is a bit more complicated because the needs that the provider must fill will vary and change from person to person. This means that a one size all product or service will likely have less value.

Chiropractors are no different from other doctors when it comes to promotion. We all love to tell you what we do, how we can do it, why our technic is the best, and why our service has the most influential approvals. Doctors tend not to want to talk about money because we all know that health care is expensive and is not going ever get cheaper, or at least not in the near future. So, the question becomes for me, how do I communicate my value? How can I demonstrate Weber Chiropractic’s value to you?

I learned a long time ago that as a patient with a health problem you usually concerned if the doctor that you have chosen is the right doctor to solve your problem. You are concerned about how long it is going to take to fix your problem, and you are concerned as to how much it will cost to fix your problem. I think that my doing what every other chiropractor does (and I have tried to do also), which is tell you how wonderful my technic or process is, does not really answer your questions. Let’s look at answering your questions as opposed to telling you a bunch of stuff that you really don’t care about.

Am I the right doctor to solve your problem? Here is my answer to that question. I promise you that I am going to examine you thoroughly. I will want to know about your medical history, your family medical history, your social habit history, your activities, how you value things you do in your life, and as much about the problem that has brought you to my office as possible. My examination will let me know how you feel about your problem. I will do testing that measures your problem neurologically, orthopedically, as well as how it relates to your abilities functionally. I will test you from top to bottom. I will do this because the body is totally interconnected, all of our body parts interact with each other, and they all have an effect on how our other body parts work.

How long will it take to fix your problem? This is where I think Weber Chiropractic really stands apart from the crowd. I believe that health care is not done to you or for you. I believe that health care is done with you. After your examination, I will give you my best diagnosis and will tell you the best medically supported chiropractic treatment available. Here is where we are different from everyone else. I believe that you are the most important part of your own health care team. You need to be the leader of this plan, and it is up to me to provide you with the best plan to suit your specific needs as well as provide you the best care possible while meeting your needs.

It is up to you to decide the level of health and recovery that you desire to have. Because I took the time to delve into your problem from a pain level, a tissue damage level, and a functional capacity that has been lost level, I can tell you exactly how to get to any one of those levels of recovery that you want. My job is to help you reach your desired level of recovery.

How much will this cost? Because I know what it takes to reach all three levels of recovery, I have a rough idea of what this will cost. We need to factor in how much your insurance will help with those costs and how much will be coming out of your pocket. We need to take into consideration your lifestyle, your work hours, and your other responsibilities. You may have to alter the importance ranking of things in your life and I may have to alter some hours of convenience in my life to treat you. The important thing is that we work together as a team to get you to the level of recovery that you decide is best for you.

One last difference that Weber Chiropractic has that no one else does. When you become a Weber Chiropractic patient, you are part of a chiropractic community. For years, I watched patients in my waiting room share their health stories, their experiences, and their recovery tips. I encourage all of my patients to join this “waiting room” community on my social media platforms. I hope that when you are on those platforms you engage with each other and with me on those platforms. It is though these media platforms I can “talk” to so many more people, share ideas, and together we can all add even more value to health care.

Please be sure to join our chiropractic community by liking us on Facebook, following us on Instagram, going to our podcast on our website, as well as our blogs. I respectfully ask you to be sure to share these links with family and friends. If you have someone you would like to refer to us, please have them scan this QR code below and enter their contact information to our database.

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